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    NewEyes App - Mobile Photo Editor

    Mobile Photo Editor. Available on Google play and App Store.

    New Eyes is Free Mobile Photo Editor with possibility to change the complete eye.

    You can look different with our fantastic eye effects.




    Wink - Change your eyes real time, take a photo or video and share with the friends

    Change your eyes real time, take a photo or video and share with your friends. Available on Google play, soon in App Store.

    Wink is a mobile application with the possibility to make wonderful effects with the eyes directly in your mobile's camera, make a picture of that or record a video and then share with your friends.

    Black Friday game

    Black Friday

    Thrilling shooter. Available on Google play, soon in App Store.

    In the near future. The world has dramatically changed! It's a new Age when only the strongest can be the King of the world. Now the shops organize massive sales where the largest discount goes to the strongest. Those with the biggest gun - win. Perhaps, it's the right time to show everyone who you are? Get the biggest discount. Sell the goods and show how You make money. Make yourself the strongest and the richest Sales Hunter.
    This new full of action game will fascinate you with its humorous story-line and will make you look at the world in a different light. Give it a try and you'll see for yourself!

    Black Friday game

    Black Friday: Zombie Shops

    Thrilling shooter. Available on Google play and App Store.

    A near future ...
    Humanity has not been able to avoid the invasion of zombies! But it successfully fights with it! Zombies have become a daily occurrence ...
    Going out or shopping, everyone can meet zombies!
    Fear of being bitten and turned into a walking dead man does not frighten people, and they still continue to hunt for discounts! Try and you survive in the world of zombie apocalypse, get rich and not turn into a zombie!
    But if you're already bitten, then there's no turning back, now you're one of them!!!

    Black Friday game

    Warrior Evolution

    Arcade. Available on Google play, soon in App Store.

    Watch mankind evolve from primates to the highest form of AI in Warrior Evolution! Will it be good or evil? The choice is yours! Your actions determine the future of the world. Don't stop after your first experiment, try a couple of different evolution paths to see how it affects the fate of mankind. Will you let AI take over the world? Or will you stop science before it turns man into something else... Only you can decide what path to choose!

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    We're Software Company Specialized on Mobile Games and Apps

    Vivex Mobile Apps Development

    Vit Shepherd


    There is a very long way from idea to the final product. But I have enough passion and patience to reach the target.

    Vivex Mobile Apps Development

    Art Shepherd

    Game Designer

    I am addicted to games. I played all my life and enjoyed this. People can say that I am a inborn game designer, and they are right.

    Vivex Mobile Apps Development

    Dr. Alex Yanochkin

    Data Scientist

    I know for sure that my passion for computer vision and math would be one day converted to a great product.

    Vivex Mobile Apps Development

    Leo Mishakoff

    Unity Developer

    In our company, I am doing what I can do best - create games. But what I like most of all in my job is the possibility to touch the result right away with the midnight playing.

    Vivex Mobile Apps Development

    Max Goluboff

    Android Developer

    My motto is 'Never give up'. I am facing challenges every day and enjoy solving them. It gives me the feeling that I chose the right job.

    Vivex Mobile Apps Development

    Vlad Domashevich

    Ios Developer

    Every Monday I start with reading store reviews to my apps. Feedback is very important: when it is bad I try to improve the app, when good - it gives me inspiration and recharges my batteries for the complete week.

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